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8″ Single Sided Diamond Benchstone

IT’S A KIT…. not just a stone


Mounting Solutions
MPOWER’s new Single Sided Diamond Bench Stones are designed specifically for woodworkers who wish to custom build their own sharpening stations or who simply prefer using Single Sided over Double Sided Diamond Stones.

The Single Sided Stones have an integral clamping feature that allow them to be temporarily or permanently screwed down to either a jig plate or a bench.
To offer every mounting option – The Single Sideds also have 4 x non-slip, nitrile rubber feet which offer great stability for straight-up resting on the bench and sharpening.

All our Bench Stones have been upgraded to the Most Comprehensive Sharpening & Finishing Kits!
They Now Include
1 x 8” Diamond Bench Stone
1 x Diamond Stone Holder Clamps + Fixings
1 x Cleaning Block
1 x Canvas Case
1 x Magnetic Leather Strop Cover ($14.95)
1 x Wax Polishing Stick ($9.95)
1 x Fully Synthetic Lapping Fluid ($9.95)

“On Board” Leather Strops
We’ve designed a Magnetic ABS cover that’s fitted with a Leather Strop.
Click-off to sharpen, Click-on to Strop.

Diamond Stone, Strop & Wax Pairings
300# Stone, Crust-up Leather & 1800# Wax
600# Stone, Crust-up Leather & 2500# Wax
1200# Stone,  Skin-side Leather & 5000# Wax

10 YEAR Bench Stone Guarantee
Our new Diamond Bench-Stone Kits are now so tough.
They’re covered by a “no quibble” 10 Year Guarantee. (Double the industry standard)
Even if the damage is down to years and years of regular sharpening, MPOWER will supply FREE replacement Diamond Plates + FREE shipping within the 48 contiguous states*
*an “at cost delivery charge” may apply for delivery outside the 48 US states

Polishing Waxes
MPOWER have created 3 unique blends of friable Polishing Wax Sticks. Friability is the process where by the abrasive particulates deliberately breakdown in size to aid the process of polishing. Aluminium Oxide is extremely adept at this process.
The 2oz + Wax Sticks are:
Orange *1800#, White *2500# & Blue *5000#
They can either be used in conjunction with its corresponding Bench Stone or used to finish a blade edge honed on any diamond stone new or existing.
Regularly rub or load the Leather Strop with the Wax Sticks prior to stropping/finishing any blade edge.
*Grades stated are approximate

Fully Synthetic Lapping Fluid Sample
The package also includes a 1 floz bottle of the ‘Worlds First’ Fully Synthetic Lapping Fluid.
This Lapping Fluid was developed by MPOWER Tools and comes in a re-usable aluminium fine spray bottle
Our Lapping Fluid is 100% FREE from Nitrates, Mineral Oil, Sulphur, Chlorine and Phenol
There 3 Sizes Available – 1oz 30ml – 3.4oz 100ml – 3.4oz – 8.5oz 250ml

Diamond Surface Recess Pattern
The design of MPOWER’s truly unique recess pattern took on a life of its own.
Many dozens of iterations later and what we have looks what some folk might describe as “out there!” or “woah..” but the pattern actually follows strictly controlled operating parameters.
Such as distance of recess line to the edge of the diamond surface. Proximity of one line to another line etc etc.
The parameters were set to ensure that the appearance of the recess pattern design didn’t compromise the durability of the diamond stone.
What we are.. is very pleased with is the evacuation rate of the sharpening slurry (containing the blade edge debris)
Keeping you paste free to carry on sharpening.

Manufactured in the UK
MPOWER continually searches for ways to improve our tools. 7 years ago we introduced the first hybrid laminate Bench Stone consisting of a machined Tool Steel Core and Stainless Steel Diamond Plates. The sandwich was bonded together using some seriously trick adhesive from 3M. Since then we’ve developed another first. The Core is now “Rust Free” as it’s a High Tolerance Extruded, Machined and Anodized Aluminium. Which over many months of testing has proven to be consistently flatter than any traditional Tool Steel Core.
Our Diamond Bench Stones exceed a tolerance of +/- 0.00175” or 0.044mm across their length.
It’s also allowed us to design in the “screw-down” clamps which attach via thr recess points in the core; holding the Bench Stone rock solid.


Banked Sharpening Station
The main function of the Single Sideds are the same as any other Diamond Stone, to sharpen stuff.
However they’re different in that they can be easily banked together in a row to form a bespoke Sharpening Station.
They’re designed to be modular in nature with an integral clamping point so that they can be permanently screwed in place and once your Sharpening and Finishing Station is complete, you can tackle any tool sharpening project from one designated spot in your shop.
From Plane Irons and Scissors to Carving Chisels, Drill Bits and Kitchen Knives.
MPOWER’s Single Sideds not only look great but they genuinely do the business!

  • Highly durable
  • Finest quality monocrystalline diamond
  • Guaranteed for a full 10 Years.
  • Available in 3 different grades – 300, 600 & 1200#
  • Fitted with corresponding “Click-on Click-off” Magnetic Leather Strop Cover.
  • 2 Leather Strop options
    Medium Strop – “Crust-up” durable Leather, fitted to 300# & 600# Stones
    Fine Strop – “Skin-side” natural grain Leather, fitted to 1200# Stone
  • Includes Lapping Fluid
  • Complete Sharpening Finishing Kit
  • Protected unique diamond recess pattern
FAQ, Hints & Tips

Bedding In
All new diamond stones from any manufacturer will feel very coarse to the touch regardless of the micron or grit size of the diamond. This is quite normal and after the first couple of times being used, the stone will bed in and the difference in grit can be noted by touch alone. However there’s a grit number on it just to confirm what you thought.

No Pressure
An easy light pressured sharpening stroke is all that is required to gain optimal abrasion rates from any stone in the Diamond Cross range. Excessive pressure is not recommended as it can literally tear the diamond particles from the nickel plated bed.

We recommend using MPOWER Fully Synthetic Lapping Fluid.

Dangerous Tools
Warning all the tools mentioned in the above text are very dangerous in the hands of the young, inexperienced or untrained. We highly recommend only experienced users attempt to sharpen tools.


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