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Bundle FASTTRACK Mk2 Diamond Chisel Sharpener

THE BIG BOY, Everything’s Included


Guarantee your chisels and planes are always in cutting edge condition with the FASTTRACK Chisel Sharpener.
Another step closer to the perfect workshop ready with razor sharp edges to finish your projects with precision.
Save time and eliminate your sharpening troubles, let the FASTTRACK take care of the job for you.
Guaranteed repeatable sharpening angles and a flat ground, square edge finish every time.



1 x Fitted Storage Case
1 x 100#   Extra Coarse
1 x 220#   Preparation
1 x 450#   Finishing
1 x 600#   Fine Finishing
1 x 1200# Super Fine Finishing
1 x Fitted Mini Strop

1 x Fitted De-Burring Plate 1000#
1 x Grip Mat


4 SHARPENING ANGLES – 100%+ Re-Hones
LESS TIME SHARPENING – More time working
CENTER IT CLIP – Greater Stroke Length
SEQUENCIAL ANGLES – Prolongs Tool Life
ERGONOMIC CARRIAGE – Feels much better
CENTERED CHISEL – Balanced Sharpening
GRIP MAT – More Stability and Control

launched the Original FASTTRACK Mk1 in 2004. In that time we’ve made and sold over 100’000 of them. Along the way we received great feedback from our customers and perfected the improvements now featured in the NEW FTS Mk2. Remaining at its heart, the ability to repeatedly create a super sharp, flat ground, square edge chisel and plane blade in a few minutes.

New BAR Recess Diamond Stones
The design of the Diamond Stone recess pattern has followed the rest of our sharpening range, starting with DMT Polka dots, progressing through to our own Diamond Cross recess. However, FASTTRACK’s requirements are different to the rest of our range.
The FASTTRACK sharpens laterally (side to side) with the stone operating at an almost inverted angle.
Recognising this led to an upgrade; a unique interrupted surface designed specifically for the FASTTRACK. The clearance or evacuation channels now run top to bottom when in position on the Carriage. Combine that with a lubricant and good old gravity and the sharpening swarf drains from the surface more quickly which in turn keeps the stone cleaner for longer maintaining abrasive rates. In short, it’s much better!

The FASTTRACK is so simple to use, chisel in, and sharpen… Plane blade in, and sharpen. There’s NO set-up time.. No complicated attachments and No experience needed. Just place the Grip-Mat and FASTTRACK down on a surface and start sharpening.

The FASTTRACK’s just as ‘at home’ on-site as in your workshop. Whether you’re a total beginner or the most discerning of professionals MPOWER’s FASTTRACK Mk2 will deliver the perfect sharpening angle for an excellent edge again and again.


1. So what’s the problem?
Traditionally chisels and plane blades are sharpened using a combination of either an oilstone, waterstone or diamond stone with a jig that holds the tool to be sharpened at the correct honing angle, many sharpening systems require a second jig to accurately set the angle of the first jig. This represents a sufficient deterrent to prevent workshop based woodworkers taking 20 minutes out of their project time to get any kind of edge let alone a decent one on their chisels; and what of the professional “On site” carpenter, do they really have the space or inclination to carry that kind of sharpening system with them? A system that the average home renovator would struggle to even set up in the first place?

2. The simple sharpening solution
The FASTTRACK Precision Sharpening System is a unique solution that holds the blade to be sharpened stationary and its angle constant while a diamond stone is guided across the cutting edge (at a 90° angle to the tool’s normal cutting direction) at either 25°, 27.5°, 30° or 32.5°, depending on your application, making the bevel flat and the edge true, lasting, and requiring only minimal maintenance unless chipped or neglected. We’ve included Preparation and Finishing Diamond stones so you can start low to gain that super fine edge that makes a cutting tool a pleasure to use. The instructions provided will have you putting a razor edge on your chisels and plane irons within a few minutes of opening the package.


The newly re-designed solid Aluminium diamond stone holding carriage doubles the number of sharpening angles than the original. This in turn doubles the life of your chisels and plane blades by allowing over 20 chisel re-sharpens between primary re-grinds. The angles are coded 1,2,3 and 4 making it simple to move from one sharpening angle to the next.

CENTER IT CLIP – Get the blade in the middle
The most important development is the “Center It Clip that re-locates a chisel in the middle of the tool bed. This reduces the pressure needed to hold the chisel during sharpening; but it also prevents the carriage coming off the end of the base. So it increases the length of the sharpening stroke, making the sharpening process quicker.

The new carriage is much more comfortable to use with curved ergonomic handle ends to more naturally fit the hand. Especially noticeable after an ALL chisel honing session when you could be using the FASTTRACK for a 30 minute set.


This Bundle Includes ALL FASTTRACK Mk2 Accessories apart from our Brand NEW Strop Polishing Waxes.

MPOWER Strop Polishing Waxes are availabile as 1800, 2500 & 5000# – more information


The FASTTRACK accepts a range of chisels and plane blades from 1/8 Inch > 2 1/2 Inch

FAQ, Hints & Tips

Is it normal that my chisel ends up with a skew with the right side being higher?

No, slow your stroke speed down and ensure the carriage and base dovetails remain in contact for the entire stroke cycle. This will ensure the chisel tip squares up.

Can I use this on skew chisels?

No, they are not compatible with the Fasttrack.

Contents & Spares

1 x Center It Clip
5 x Angles Diamond Stones
100#, 220#, 450#, 600# & 1000#
1 x DeBurr Plate 1000#
1 x Grip Mat
1 x Mini Strop
1 x Cleaning Block
1 x Mounting Screw
1 x Fitted Storage Case

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Customer Reviews


Excellent customer service from MPower, can’t recommend them enough.


Fabulous quick service, not tried yet but I’m sure it will live up to the reviews. Great company to deal with. Thanks.


I love the sharpener works really well with our chisels. unfortunately the guide was missing but they did everything to get the part to us as quickly as possible thank you