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Vacuum Seal Bottom Gasket Tape

Self Adhesive – Closed Cell Neoprene


Size: Width 1″ x Thickness 15/64″ x Length 78 3/4″

Bottom Gasket is wider and deeper than the other gasket materials. It is stronger and more durable and ideally suited to the underside of your Vacuum Bed which often sees more abuse and hard knocks.

The Mach family of vacuum hold down work beds relies on a matrix of rubber gasket material, the Vacuum Seal Gasket Tape, to clamp boards and components. This rubber gasket matrix forms the work bed’s individual vacuum cells. Each vacuum cell has a pressure-activated ball valve at its centre and a border of rubber gasket material. The cell’s gasket border forms a contact seal against the workpiece or component over the cell. When the airflow from the vacuum source (vacuum cleaner, extractor, venturi) is actuated using the Vacuum Control Tap air is drawn from the interior of the cell and the rubber gasket material creates an airtight seals that clamps the work piece in place.


Top Gasket
Top Gasket is the standard gasket material used on the upper side of all the Mach work beds. To enlarge an existing U-Mach or Big Mach kit you will require additional Top Gasket and Bottom Gasket.

Bottom Gasket
Bottom Gasket is wider and deeper than the other gasket materials. It is stronger and more durable and ideally suited to the underside which often see more ‘abuse’ and hard knocks.

Template Gasket
Template Gasket is thinner than the other gaskets. This allows it to be curved more easily whilst maintaining its form and is thus very suitable for templates where curves and arcs will often be required.

Gasket material
The gasket material is closed-cell expanded neoprene/EPDM polymer blend sponge rubber. It is durable, oil and ozone resistant, fire retardant with a density of 96 kg/m². What does this mean? Well the density and compression properties of the gasket rubber mean it is strong enough to securely hold the workpiece in place for woodwork machining whilst still having enough give to form an ideal contact seal with any flat and smooth workpiece placed on it. The gasket is fairly robust and if it is looked after it will last a long time. Should any of the gasket material on any of the Mach work beds get damaged the supplied repair patch can be used to replace the damaged section.


Customized Vacuum Jigs & Work Beds
The size and shape of each vacuum cell and work bed can be varied depending on the required use. Our U-Mach and Big-Mach Kits contain all the components required to make a Mini Mach and Big Mach vacuum clamping work bed respectively. These kits are prescriptive in layout and function, and you way wish to adapt, enlarge or enhance them for your own specific woodworking operations and needs. Therefore we are very happy to supply the components you may need to make the required modifications for your desired vacuum jig, work bed or vacuum template.
The rubber gasket tape has a self-adhesive backing to make application simple.

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