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Fully Synthetic Lapping Fluid

Optimize Sharpening, Lubricate & Protect

The Synthetic Solution

MPOWER’s Diamond Stone Lapping Fluid is, as with all its products – unique.
It’s the worlds first Fully Synthetic Lapping fluid with the same characteristics and great performance you’d expect from any MPOWER product.

The only difference is that it’s Fully Synthetic.
100% FREE from:
Mineral Oil,
And Phenol


The Toxic Problem:
Regular diamond stone lapping fluid works extremely well.
Lubricates during the sharpening process, suspends swarf/debris particulates preventing diamond surface clogging, and protects your tools from rusting after the sharpening process.
The only issue is after you use it or until you read the contents and warnings “You MUST wear gloves and use in a well ventilated area.. This stuff is seriously poisonous.
That’s not too much of a problem until you try wearing gloves when you’re sharpening a chisel. Akin to wearing boxing gloves and trying to operate a TV remote..  It’s just not practical.
The warnings aren’t precautionary because regular diamond stone lapping fluid is mineral based and just read some of the end user reviews, some find themselves coming up in painful skin rashes and even hives.



For use as a lubricant in high and low speed sharpening, grinding or drilling operations.

Replaces traditional “toxic” mineral based lapping fluid as a much safer option

Low viscosity maintains consistent abrasive rates

Holds sharpening swarf in suspension for easy clearance of debris; which prevents diamond surface clogging

Protects tools against rust and oxidation


MPOWER’s unique formula creates the first Fully Synthetic Diamond Stone Lapping Fluid

Refillable aluminium fine spray bottles

Available in 3 sizes:
1.00 Fl oz – 30ml
3.38 Fl oz – 100ml
8.45 Fl oz – 250ml

It’s long lasting with unlimited shelf life, just shake before use


Our uniquely developed, fully synthetic Lapping Fluid can be applied during any sharpening process on any diamond stone. However it’s not only limited to use on with a diamond stone, it can also be used as a general lubricant during drilling, milling or machining processes.
You can also clean tools with our Lapping Fluid after sharpening or machining as it leaves a protective layer preventing rust.

Contents & Spares
Active Ingredients Content %
amine carboxylate mixture < 0.05
2-Aminoethanol < 0.05
Glycerine < 0.05
Pyridine-2-thiol 1-oxide, sodium salt < 0.01
1,2-propandiol < 0.01
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