FLTS Facelift

What is it in the 21st century that allows a pair of calliper compasses or Trammel heads to be so bad at drawing circles? 

That is, after all, they’re one and only purpose. 

The major problem is that the critical position of where you start the circle and where you finish it – The same point – Just isn’t!
Sadly in a lot of cases the 2 points never get to meet.
A mix of poor design, high center of gravity, the natural inbuilt desire for the thing to fall over and a dependency on the user having the skills and temperament of a Shaolin Monk.
All this contributes to the compass lying unused in a draw while you hunt around for a can of paint or a coffee cup to draw round, so you can just get on with the job!

M.POWER’s answer to this is The Flat Lying Trammel Head Set

A name that is as long as the solution is simple.
To be successful M.POWER’s new Trammel head design started out with a long list of “Must haves” and one “Must not”

Strike a perfect circle every time
Be a self supporting system
Have a low center of gravity for greater control
Hold the scribe point in contact with the surface at all times.
Offer an almost infinite size range from 1” to 6 ft in diameter
Clip onto a workshop staple, something ready to hand.. A steel rule?
Provide options to mark: a pencil or a hyper fine blade for high tolerance work or to just cut stuff out, Light card or veneer.
Be a piece of cake to use and nothing like what’s gone before
And absolutely MUST NOT be expensive.
So M.POWER has finished it and has ticked all the boxes
We hope you’ll enjoy going round and round in circles.. accurately!

Product page: https://www.mpower-tools.ca/product/flat-lying-trammel-set/

For further information:
Please contact Cynthia [email protected]

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