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GereedshapPro NL

ToolsPro is a shop in Haarlem full of beautiful and unique tools! Many customers call it a real ‘candy store’ but for the tool enthusiasts! And we are proud of that!

ToolsPro started as a webshop from home. With the systainers in the hallway, the Mafell Erikas in the bathroom and a sea container in the garden. Since 2015 we have had a real shop where you can walk around at your leisure, get advice, ask questions and try the tools. Almost everything you see in the webshop can also be admired in our store.

With us you will find a unique range of tools, from handy to ‘must have’, always of good quality, but sometimes also a bit lower quality if the application is unique.

Customers also know where to find us for specific wishes. We go that little bit extra, both in our store and in the webshop. Do you see something new that is a nice addition to our range? Let us know!

No salesmen work for us, but people with enthusiasm and love for tools who have a lot of knowledge and experience. In other words, real tool idiots. Passion for tools is what it’s all about for us! And we would like to share this knowledge and experience with you. Feel free to come by and take a look in the store and be surprised by all the beauty! The shop is easy to reach and you can park for free.

You can buy MPOWER Tools from this quality approved
retailer through the following sales channels

  • Online

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  • Catalogue

  • In Store

Contact Details


Eysinkweg 71
2014 SB Haarlem
The Netherlands

Phone: 023-76 023 76


Email: [email protected]