FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener – Instructions download




Before attempting to use the FTS KS, please understand that handling knives can be dangerous.

Users must be competent in handling knives safely and understand safe sharpening practices before using this product.



Always hold knife in your dominant hand with a light grip.



The flat of the blade must remain against the front strop during stroke. The Magnets will help with this.

DO NOT allow blade to come away as it will drop into the slot.


WORKTOP TECHNIQUE – Master this technique first

Resting the KS on a worktop, hold top of handle with your non dominant hand. Hold knife loosely take 4 sharpening strokes.

Rotate Knife Sharpener 180 degrees, slot facing in the opposite direction.

Repeat same number of full strokes. When edge is achieved, see Strop Technique.





Hold the knife Sharpener in your non-dominant hand. Insert the Knife.

Take 4 sharpening strokes the full length of the blade in the direction of the arrow.

Rotate the KS over so that the slot faces down.

Repeat same number of full sharpening strokes.

Note: Always repeat the same number of strokes per side of knife.



When sharp edge is achieved; rotate Knife Sharpener leather strop face up and wipe blade edge across strop.

Turn Knife over and to wipe both sides of edge across leather strop.



Holding the ends of the diamond stone, unclip it from the front plate magnet.

Slide the Diamond Stone up or out of the side.


Depending on how damaged the knife is. It may take 5-10 minutes work to regrind and establish new bevels to the blade edge. Afterwards it will only take 3 or 4 strokes on both sides to refresh the edge.


Store in dry clean environment, wipe occasionally with a damp cloth.

Not Dishwasher friendly.

Cleaning Diamond stones – Use a pencil eraser to gently rub the Diamond surface clean.


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