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Bundle: Knife Sharpener + Wax + 220Grit Stone

Inc 220# Diamond Stone and 1800# Strop Polishing Wax


This Promotional Bundle contains:

A)   1 x FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener
 1 x Preparation Stone 220# Grade
C)   1 x Strop Polishing Wax – 1800# Grade


This is the first M.POWER product designed specifically for use in the kitchen. Although we’re pretty sure when woodworkers find themselves cooking, they’re likely to prefer using knives that have a decent edge.

15 years ago we launched a unique lateral stroke sharpener for chisels and plane blades.
The name of the product was and is FASTTRACK.
An acronym: Fixed – Angle – Sharpening – Technology TRACK

The KS embraces the FASTTRACK ethos of a controlled, predictable and repeatable sharpening stroke – No other handheld sharpener does this.
Although it’s taken 12 years from the first proto type to commercial launch, we’re hopeful you’ll think it was worth the wait.

The FTS KS truly embodies the idea of genuine “Knife care”.
Being the only handheld sharpener in the world that has interchangeable grades of diamond stones and an “on board” real leather Strop for finishing that freshly ground edge; but most important is the KS’s ability to create and maintain a truly fine edge in seconds.


We quickly learnt how many existing sharpeners on the market actually damaged the knives they purport to be sharpening. The Fasttrack KS approach and design undertakes the task of sharpening in a completely different way.

It does something we call “Pre-preparation”.

The KS creates a full bevelled edge on both sides of the blade. The convergent point of the 2 bevels becomes the blade edge. So when in time the knife dulls. It literally takes 3 to 6 sharpening strokes on each knife side to refresh the blade edge. This is because the prepared material above the convergent point is already set and ground to the correct bevel angle.

The FTS KS can be used on a work-surface.
We’ve learnt it helps the less experienced to stand the FTS KS on its non slip nitrile feet on a worktop, it isn’t as quick as using it freehand but it can give much needed confidence to the novice and it Improves the sense of control over the sharpening process. Most importantly this technique gives you a clear sight of the blade against the strike plate and diamond stone. Which helps develop an understanding as to how the Fasttrack KS works.

For those familiar with sharpening the FTS KS can be hand held and has a sharpening action not dis similar to that of a chefs steel but crucially without the necessity to learn to maintain a consistent contact angle between two handheld objects – Steel in one hand and knife in the other. Embedded rare earth magnets assist in holding the blade side against the strike plate. Ensuring that the blade tip meets the 3″ DC diamond stone consistently at exactly the right angle.

No other aspect of the FTS KS has taken so much deliberation. From the research and feedback we received we decided that a sharpening angle of 17 deg or an inclusive angle of 34 deg would offer the best all round performance for work in the kitchen.

We know of no other knife sharpener that combines instant fixed angle sharpening with a honing strop. The dish profiled leather strop ensures that any wire/burr created by the sharpening process is removed with the only material that offers a compliant yet durable surface – leather.

When it comes to finishing a blade edge, it’s hard to ignore the time honoured qualities of leather and so; quite late on in the design process. We decided to inset the strike plate with a leather surface. This helps to prevent damage to the side of the blade during a sharpening stroke and over time helps to burnish the side of the knife.

The critical element that decides on whether you sharpen your knife or blunt it.
Is a consistent angled contact point between the knife edge and the abrasive.
Get that right and every time you wish to regain an edge you can be sure that the same point of contact at the same angle minimizes abrasion, getting your knife edge sharp again.
Our solution was to embed 2 x rare earth magnets just below the surface of the strike plate. This helps hold the blade side at the correct angle to meet the diamond stone with every sharpening stroke.

Importantly MPOWER has been developing and manufacturing our own range of diamond stones since 2001. We’ve learnt that there are many different ways people like to go about sharpening tools and knives. However the common thread that runs through all these different techniques is to have a great quality abrasive. In 2014 we launched our unique DC (Diamond Cross) range of diamond stones. All those personal preferences fed into our decision to offer 5 different accessory grades of diamond stone to be used with the FTS KS.
Name                       Colour      New Grit Size
Extra Coarse            Grey          100
Preparation               Black        220
Finishing                   White        450
Fine Finishing            Red         600
Super Fine Finishing  Green     1000

If you need to remove a nick from a blade edge or to re-establish a pair of full bevel edges. The super abrasive 100 grit Extra course removes the maximum material in the shortest time. Then again it’s personal preference that determines the grade you choose to use to finish your knives with.

We feel we’d failed you, if every time you wanted to change a diamond stone grade. You’d have to find a screwdriver to complete the task. So like the original FASTTRACK, diamond stones are quick change, held in place by a magnet with the process start to finish taking less than 20 seconds to start.

Traditionally “AUTO” sharpeners are bench mounted, can have a lot of components and take time to assemble and use. Certainly not something you’d want set up on your kitchen worksurface. Midway through cooking a dish. Not so the FASTTRACK KS, it can be stored in a kitchen draw, used and replaced in less than 30 seconds. There’s no assembly or set up. Less than a dozen sharpening strokes later, the result, a truly sharp knife in next to no time with the FTS KS back in the drawer.

The FTS KS is very well built. We manufacture products that are designed to literally last a lifetime.
Using the best quality components made in the most durable materials we can find. For example all the fixings (9 screws in total) are made in stainless steel and are fitted in our factory in the UK. The leather strops are scythed, prepared and backed with 3M adhesive by our supplier in Northampton UK.


Kitchen knives
There are an enormous range of differing shapes and sizes when it comes to kitchen knives. All of them can be sharpened on the KS without issue. Both Steel and Stainless Steel knives can be sharpened. – However the KS is not suitable for Ceramic knives.

Chef knives
Due to the depth and length of the blade, this is one of the easiest knives to get started with using the FTS KS. A common tendency in the kitchen is to have a favourite knife that’s used for practically every task, most common for this is the Chef’s knife.

Serrated knives
The tips of the serration is where blunting usually occurs – being the first part of the blade that comes in contact with what’s being cut first. We’ve had excellent results re-sharpening bread knives etc using the FTS KS however the trough of the serration remains untouched.

Boning knives and Small paring Knives
All knives with narrower blades can easily be sharpened using the KS. We’ve found that the worktop technique giving a better sight of the knife to strike plate is the easiest way to gain a fine edge.

Snap off blade Knives
Taking recycling to another level is to re-sharpen “snap off” bladed knives. A seriously fine edge can be created and regained time and time again using the FTS KS.

FAQ, Hints & Tips

1) My magnet(s) have fallen out, what doI do?
A small number of first production run FTS Knife Sharpeners have had an issue with magnets coming away from their recesses.
Solution to this is to re-glue the magnets into position.

A) Front Plate Magnet Process
Unscrew the front plate and remove
Remove the diamond stone from the front plate
Using super glue, put a single large drop of glue in the magnet recess
Return the magnet back to its original position in the recess.
Making sure to keep your fingers away from any wet glue…
To help adhesion, place the diamond stone, metal side up, underneath the front plate
This helps to draw the magnet down whilst the glue sets

B) Front Strike Plate Magnet Process
Unscrew the front plate and remove
Remove the diamond stone from the front plate
Using super glue, put a single large drop of glue in the magnet recess
Return the magnet back to its original position in the recess.
Making sure to keep your fingers away from any wet glue…

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and assure you that we have rectified this issue in further production runs

2) I can’t get a sharp edge on my knife using the FTS KS?

A) Like every other tool, the KS has a technique and without learning it the results won’t come
To get underway straight from the box, Start with the Worktop Technique. (plse see the 2nd half of the demo VT on the product page). The instructions are pretty simple.
Rest the KS on its feet on your worksurface and hold the KS handle with your non dominant hand.
Use a light grip to hold the knife, This will allow the strike plate magnets to hold the knife side against the strike plate at the correct angle. Then with that relaxed grip slot your knife into the KS close to the hilt of your knife.
Slowly drawer the knife through the slot, watching to make sure that the blade side remains flat against the KS strike plate throughout the sharpening stroke. If the knife side comes away from the strike plate, the blade edge can slip into the slot below and the knife edge will miss the diamond stone.
Practice getting used to the feel of the technique on an old large knife. After 3 or 4 strokes rotate the KS 180 deg’s and repeat the process. Continue to practice this until the technique becomes familiar.
Strop the knife and check how the blade edge is progressing by chopping some vegetables.
Only when your entirely comfortable with the worktop technique do we suggest moving onto the Free hand technique

B) How had you been sharpening your knife before
Let’s first check the state of your knife, this is down to how you used to sharpen it before using the KS.
Different sharpeners create different bevel edges at different angles.
First time sharpening: To establish a new pair of flat ground bevels with the KS. It’s possible it may take up to 5 minutes of sharpening.
After that, each re-sharpen will take less than 30 seconds
To check the progress of the new bevels, color the tip of the knife edge along the length of the blade on both sides using a felt marker. Let it dry, then repeat 2 sets of 3 x sharpening strokes on the KS with the most coarse stone you have. Standard 220 # is great for the job
The marker will show you on which part of the blade bevel the KS is currently working on.
If there is any marker left of the very tip of the blade on either side continue to sharpen until all traces of the marker has been ground away from the tip.
If you find that the marker is not being touched on one side, it’s showing that the blade is slipping past the diamond stone into the slot and is not being sharpened.

3) When I first tried using the KS, it sounded loud and scratchy, is that normal and will this damage my knives?
Yes, it’s perfectly normal and it’s fine for your knives. All diamond stones, especially coarser grades need a period of use to bedded in. The plating process leaves a residue of diamond that will sit very proud of the surface, in a short time, these extraneous diamond particles will come away leaving the stone in optimum condition for sharpening.

4) I’m new to sharpening which technique should I start with?
The worktop technique

5) How do I sharpen a Small knife?
Certainly when learning the techniques we highly recommend using the Worktop Technique

6) Can I use the KS on my ceramic knife?
No the FTS KS is not suitable to sharpen ceramic knives

7) Can I use angled stones in my Fasttrack Knife Sharpener?                                Yes, only if you’re sharpening Japanese Knives

8) Does the KS work with a serrated knife?                                                                  Yes, you can use the KS on a serrated knife.


Although we are constantly updating the FAQ’s. Should the answer to your question not be here.
Plse feel free to email us on [email protected] and we’ll respond with 24 hours

Contents & Spares

Main Unit:
1 x Knife Sharpener Assembly
1 x Diamond Cross 220# Grade Diamond Stone                                                                1 x Cleaning Block

1 x #1800 wax stick

1 x Instruction Manual v2

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