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Quick Fit, Real Leather Strop


The bedrock of regular FASTTRACK Chisel Sharpener users are “on site” professionals. Their needs are common to a lot of woodworkers. Maintaining a good blade edge at critical points in a job and quickly. The much loved FASTTRACK now has another way to help make that job easier. The FTS Mini Strop is an “on board” real leather finishing strop to put that final touch to any chisel or plan blade. Fitted to the underside of the FASTTRACK Base. Flip the unit it over and its ready to go.

Contoured injection moulded ABS plate
1/8th inch thick Leather
3M adhesive


Stropping a blade after honing is an integral and important part of the sharpening process that has been used for at least a couple of hundred years. Stropping helps to remove any extraneous material created by the sharpening process

When studied under a micro scope a freshly sharpened blade edge looks like jagged peaks and troughs.

Stropping the blade edge greatly reduces the size of the peaks and troughs resulting in a finer edge, more durable edge

Although stropping was most commonly used for finishing cut throat razors in barbershops. The same underlying principles of finishing an edge apply to finishing both chisels and plane blades. The only difference is that the Razor strop is flexible creating a slightly convex edge profile, whereas the strop for chisels and plane blades tend to have a rigid base.


Takes seconds to fit with 3M self-adhesive – Clean the underside surface of the FTS base – peel off the backing paper and position Real Leather Strop – Made in England The underside of the profiled injection moulded plate follows the contours of the FASTTRACK base with the topside of the plate creating a flat stable surface that the leather strop is mounted too. Aligned matching holes in both the Mini Strop plate and leather strop still allow the FASTTRACK to be screwed to a surface – if needed


Fits both FASTTRACK MK1 and Mk2 Chisel Sharpener Models

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