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Combination Router Base CRB7 Mk1
M-Power Tools offers an aftermarket router base that offers a number of features at the very reasonable price of about $90. It can be mounted to any router that has 5/16?-diameter edge-guide holes spaced between 35/64?and 51/8?.

One key feature is an indexed micro-adjusting wheel that lets you dial in the router bit to a measurement or layout line – it’s particularly useful when routing dados or grooves in combination with a guide rail or circle-cutting jig.

And speaking of cutting circles, the base comes with a pivot pin and pre-drilled holes for cutting circles as small as 3/4? and up to nearly 9? in diameter.

Of course, as a large surface router base the CRB7 provides a more stable platform when routing. The base is easily offset to put more surface on the work; a large knob quickly attaches to provide a good handle. It also comes with a height-adjustable stabilizing foot to help prevent the router from tilting on the outboard side.

The CRB7 can also be set up for routing mortises, either centered or offset. The mortising function is achieved by attaching two posts that extend below the base. These posts are rotated clockwise contacting the work and holding the router in position when making a forward cut. Adjustments to the router fence’s guide rods provide the offset mortise capability.

An accessory edge-trim kit is also available. It attaches to the CBR7 base and will flush-trim edge banding. It uses a ball bearing riding against the outside edge of the banding to guide the router.

The CBR7 is available through Infinity Cutting Tools and delivers many features at an affordable price.

 See the CRB7 in action