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Searching for this tool on the internet might land you at sites that could generate marital strife, but finding it is worth the risk. Unfortunate name aside, the M.Power Perfect Butt profile scriber will accurately scribe any piece where you desire a gap-less butt joint.

For instance, while installing your brand new counter top you discover an unsightly gap left at one wall. Simply trace the scriber along the counter top with the scribe’s wheel following the contour of the wall. This will create a perfect profile on the counter tofollow when cutting.

Five different wheel sizes 11/16th, 1″ 1/8th, 2″, 2″3/4 and 3″ 1/2 attach to the knurled brass retaining shaft, giving the scriber the flexibility to match just about any contour. Inside the shaft, a replaceable spring-loaded common scribing pencil creates the scribe line.